Powerful and Luxurious Professional Skin Care Products
for Discerning Professionals and their Clients.
Your client’s skin will become radiant and beautiful using ancient proven botanicals combined with advanced biotechnology for the best science has to offer to repair protect and enhance the appearance of the skin.  All active ingredients are at therapeutic levels, making this product line one of the most effective and affordable product lines available.   The Antiqua Prima products utilize a chiral formulation to limit irritation and promote rapid absorption, while nature’s botanicals enhance without overpowering. The products are packaged in recyclable containers and we do not use boxes, continuing our Green Philosophy. Product use is intuitive and does not interfere with make up application, keeping the skin feeling refreshed and clean throughout the whole day.

Antiqua Prima is formulated under the direction of Laura L. Root, CIDESCO Diplomate, with the advice of a interdisciplinary team of medical and spa professional advisors including board certified physicians in both Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

Antiqua Prima Product Foci
includes Acne, Rosacea, Oil Control, Erythema Control, Exfoliation, Antioxidant Delivery, Calming, Restorative and Protecting.

Antiqua Prima is formulated with multiple levels of antioxidants, skin firming and calming botanicals. 
The formulations work as an adjunct to the techniques of both the advanced aesthetician and the medical professionals in today’s skin care centers and medical spas.

The products are not simply soothing, calming products.
The Antiqua Prima line is packed with powerful, proven ingredients to assist the professional skin care practitioner with the care of Acne and Rosacea patients with products that are both active yet calming and nurturing to the skin, and do not conflict with medical protocols used today.  Antiqua Prima also offers the most advanced technology to address the anti-aging concerns of clients and patients alike.

Antiqua Prima Inc.

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